Vintage Style Belt (12pc case)
Vintage Style Belt (12pc case)

Vintage Style Belt (12pc case)

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Our "Legendary" Vintage Leather Shop Belt was a classic before you strapped it on. Made from a single layer of “Veg-tan” leather. The more you wear it, the more you will love it. The handcrafted buckle is rounded for comfort and is attached solid brass snaps, allowing you to wear your buckle of choice! The strap now has 7 holes instead of the usual 5 for a more overall flexible fit. Simple yet perfectly functional “craftsman’s” quality belt

  • "High quality rugged brown leather for the working man that likes to keep things old school.
  • Stitchless belt edges that allow for a more comfortable feel.
  • 7 hole design to allow for a more flexible fit.
  • 1.5-inch width allows this belt to be used with tool belts and concealed carry weapons.
  • Solid brass belt buckle.

    Our Belts MSRP at $39.99 and come in the Case Sizes of 12. Each Case will have the 3 sizes of each size. We have the following sizes:

    • 32/34
    • 36/38
    • 40/42
    • 44/46