Ranger Style Belt (12pc case)

Ranger Style Belt (12pc case)

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Our "Original" Ranger Field Belt will outlast any ordinary leather work belts. Made from a single layer of “Veg-tan” saddle leather that guarantees reliability., that breaks in not down. The more you wear it, the more of a natural patina it gets. The handcrafted buckle is rounded for comfort for the manliest of man! And the strap now has 7 holes instead of the usual 5 for a more overall flexible fit. This truly is going to the first belt you will choose every day!

  • High quality rugged black leather that will stand the test of time for the working man.
  • Solid brass belt buckle with a gunmetal finish.
  • Stitchless belt edges to allow for a more flexible fit.
  • 7 hole design to allow for a more flexible fit.
  • 1.5-inch width allows for this belt to be used with tool belts and concealed carry weapons.

    Our Belts MSRP at $29.99 and come in the Case Sizes of 12. Each Case will have the 3 sizes of each size. We have the following sizes:

    • 32/34
    • 36/38
    • 40/42
    • 44/46